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Monday, 20 February 2012

Poetry and Song Lyrics, My Own and Otherwise

In my teen years, I had a 3-ring binder full of song lyrics I'd written out by hand while listening to cassette tapes or records in my room.

With some of them, I'd play on my guitar and sing.  Some of them were just for looking at.

Some were written by me and never had any tunes formally written for them. 

1984 - age 17

Imagine my joy at discovering the ability to look up lyrics on Google!

I wish I would have kept all the writing I did back then.

So much poetry, up in smoke.


I had taken a pile of my writing down to the beach at the bottom of 200 rickety old wooden steps in my home town one day when I was 17 and burned it all.


I've written a lot more lyrics since then, most of which have been seen by nobody but me.

I need someone to turn them into real songs.

Dang it, it might have to be me.

I do have one poem I wrote in the early 1980s, when I was 13, which was published in a grade 8 English poetry book.  Here it is:

Love is something that can't be bought
It's more than just a friendly thought

Living forever in your mind
It's always there, rain or shine

Love is when you don't have to hide
The glowing warmth of mutual pride

Each day the bond grows stronger
As the hours pass, the heart grows fonder

Love may be secret, or might* open wide
But the feeling of passion is always inside

When one day the friendship catches fire
The heart is filled with hope and desire

*I remember when they printed it, I noticed a typo, but now I can't remember what I really meant to say, if it should be "might be open wide" or "right open wide".

Age 16, in 1983

When I was in a band (called "Joyful Noise"), in the early 2000's, I started adding to my song sheets.

Now I've got two binders full of songs, mostly printed off the internet, but some written by hand.

Do you/did you write out the lyrics to songs and keep them in a binder?

Do you/did you write poetry?

Ever destroyed any of your writing and then wish you hadn't?

Comment and tell me about it, if so.  I love to hear the thoughts of others!

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  1. Since having my own computer I stopped printing out things for reference, and just saved them on the computer if even that.

    I used to have lots of info/cheats/strategies printed out for video games when I was younger.

    1. I do have a lot saved on my computer, too. The printed stuff is so I can use it while playing guitar/singing, which I don't like to do while at my computer desk. :)

  2. Totally! Same, and same! Tower of Unison!

    1. "Tower of Unison", huh? LOL! I've told a few people about that, actually, so I'm not sure if this is the originator of that phrase or reasonable facsimiles of it. Pretty sure it's the originator, as the others who know probably don't read my blog.


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