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Monday, 7 January 2013

Missing The Most Important Person In My World

I am concerned about you.

You used to be the most loving person I had ever known.

You were so kind, so gentle, and so caring.

You loved to listen to and make music.

You loved to laugh and to make people laugh.

You were so energetic.

You reached out to others to pour out the love you had.

But now, you have become so still, so silent, so cold, and so hard, like the ice that surrounds you.

Although it is of small consolation, though all else on earth may forsake you, I will always love you.

Too bad nobody knows you like I do.  Too bad they think you are depressed for no reason.

I miss you, Me.

Love from Me.

“To know is not enough, oh winter sun.” ~Out Of The Grey


  1. I can imagine how you feel. I have felt similarly and at times, I feel the same way, as I endure mixed emotions over the last few years over a number of topics relating to various loved ones.

    This poem is beautifully written and immediately my heart went out to this person. I wasn't expecting it to be you, however.

    I am sending you loving, positive thoughts with as much joyous energy that I can. May your days ahead be filled with counting blessings, growing in gratitude, and your light shining brighter with each moment for all to see! :)

  2. all i have to say is this is some fukin dam good writing now that is composing


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