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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Here's my first attempt at making a sign

I recently got my first PhotoShop program - Elements 11.  Lots of new stuff to learn, and little time to do it.

Here is my first attempt at making a poster combining text and a photo:

I conceived this idea a few weeks ago, before I found out I've got adrenal fatigue.  As soon as I found out, I quit caffeine cold turkey, desperately wanting to heal up, and knowing that caffeine only makes matters worse, so the part about drinking coffee will just have to be figurative, or else water can be substituted.

So, what do you think?


  1. Is adrenal fatigue a form of Addison's? I had to cut out the caffeine cold turkey but that was years ago. Didn't think I was addicted to caffeine but must have been. Remember being really cranky the first two weeks.

    1. I don't know if adrenal fatigue is technically a "form" of Addison's disease.

      When I first heard of adrenal burnout from my naturopath, the first time I had it in 2005, he'd told me that if we don't treat my adrenal burnout, the next step would be Addison's.

      It was relatively simple to treat, too, with stress reduction (easier said than done, I know), supplements that can be bought from a health food store, lots of rest, gentle exercise when strong enough to get back into it, and healthy food. There are other things, too, but, hey, I'm in an exhausted state right now so can't think of it all.

      It's not a quick fix. It does take a few months to feel better, and over a year to really be cured.

      From what I've read, Addison's isn't the only thing that can result from adrenal fatigue. Apparently if left untreated it can lead to all kinds of other life-threatening conditions.

      A lot of people have it and don't realize it. People go to their allopathic doctors with a number of complaints, tests are done, and by the typical medical standards, nothing can be found to be wrong.

      One has to do their homework on the subject and/or go to a good naturopath in order to figure out what's wrong and get it fixed before it becomes something worse.

  2. I love caffeine myself, in fact I'm having some as I type this at my favorite coffee shop in town! But as a side note, there's always decaff too! LOL
    Cariboo Outlaw ;-)

    1. Yeah, that's a great little coffee shop. The odd time when I get to be alone, I go there and drink in the atmosphere, if not the hot beverages. I love their matcha latte with soy milk.


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