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Monday, 7 May 2012

The M-Dawg Facebook Repartee

Here we have another Facebook repartee.

My first one is at this link, and, who knows, there may be more still.

As always, I've renamed the characters, including myself.

Argyle McArgyle (I hope he doesn't smack me for having dubbed him that) lived a few houses down the road from me when we were nine until some time after grad.  Although we went to different elementary schools, we did suffer through the same prisons without bars for our "high school" years.

The other main character shall be called Santori Mafioso, who moved to our town from the States and was in my fifth grade class for awhile (also from whom I hope I do not receive a smack for his pseudonym), until he got suspended and moved to another class for allegedly bringing a forbidden substance to school.

One of my friends back then, a New Zealander who I will call Cutty Sark, coaxed me to tell Santori,  "Go home, Yankee".

So, being a bit of a brat, I said it.  (Sorry, San!)

And Santori tried to beat me up.  (See?  The Mafioso name fits.)

Cutty called him a bully, and Santori backed off, albeit seemingly grudgingly.

Anyway, that's the bit of back story.

And to be fair, I have renamed myself as Cowbell Lutefisk.

Consistent with my lifetime of brattery (shut up, Spell-Check, that IS a word in MY books), I started calling Argyle something random - the truth here, I called him "A-Dawg".

Well, I frequently post songs on my Facebook wall, and when I posted something from Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti", Argyle commented to the effect of that being their best album.

One day shortly after that, I ... Well, here's the conversation to explain it: 

Cowbell Lutefisk shared a link (on Argyle McArgyle's wall).
"Yo A-Dawg, I was listening to this in my car today and I thunk-a-you. Yeah, maybe you're right - it may be their best album. So hard to choose, really."

 (Full version of In My Time Of Dying by Led Zeppelin here)

Cowbell Lutefisk Warning:  I was just listening to it on my headset while setting up my work stuff and discovered that whoever uploaded it didn't upload the whole thing. DANG it cuts off improperly. 

Argyle McArgyle It's probably a bit dependent on your mood... 

Cowbell Lutefisk  Good thing I'm not bipolar. 

Cowbell Lutefisk ‎(No offence to those who are). 

Argyle McArgyle  its just a bit more complex. my favourite anyway.  

Santori Mafioso The only reason why this is my favorite is because there is MORE! They are all great in their own way and it is absolutely dependant on your mood. And you don't have to be bi-polar to appreciate this! LOL 

Argyle McArgyle tru dat, M-dawg 

Santori Mafioso Please do not ever call me that again! 

Cowbell Lutefisk snort!!!!!!!!!!! 

Argyle McArgyle sorry m-dawg 

Cowbell Lutefisk yeah, M-Dawg. sorry you gotta be called M-Dawg. 

Santori Mafioso Uh no not really 

Argyle McArgyle  i won't call him m-dawg again. now he is the-one-who-does-not-wish-to-be-called-m-dawg 

Cowbell Lutefisk  Or The Artist Formerly Known As M-Dawg.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

And that's as far as it went.

I hope I don't wake up in the morning to find a horse's head in my bed for having published this.

With a bratty grin,

Comments?  Leave me one in the box below labeled, ironically enough, "Post a Comment".

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  1. I had a comment from someone but I removed it as it seemed rude. If I misunderstood, please clarify.

  2. i am sorry if i offend you but its just so funny when i hear that dawg stuff i have to laugh it just such bad british lang

    1. Thanks for your apology. I'll re-post what you'd originally posted, followed by my reply:

      "People are just amsing i dontknow what is worse some one setting pople up or bulling i guess it all the same shit really m dog lolololol i cant stop laughing what a idot lolololol "

      I'm not sure who you're calling an idiot. I thought that was rude, no matter who it was directed at. I have no hard feelings towards M-Dawg. Kids do stupid things. This dialogue, however, was all in good fun. The whole "dawg" thing is totally goofing around, consistent with a really goofy side of me. :)

  3. Oh that is kid, ok now you are making it a little more clear kid are not idots so sorry to that kid lol sound it like it was some older peron that is how it came off my mistake i sould read little more into things i already thaught i was but i guess not in this case. But that dog stuff realy makes me laugh it so silly when i hear some one talking bach and all this other silly lingo i just cant help it when i see a kid with his pants hanging down i just want to pull them up for them lol

    1. Real gangsters would not have their pants hanging so low that it makes it impossible for them to run from the cops! LOL!

    2. Dang, links don't turn into links here in the comment box.

  4. To the person who said "what an idiot lolololol" Can you PLEASE use some punctuation when you are trying to call other people an idiot....You are very rude and annoying...GET A LIFE

    1. Um... I feel a li'l awkward here, so I'll just leave this between you two people who wish to remain anonymous for now.


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