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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

10 Random Things I Did Today

Idea copied from a fellow blogger, here and also here.

For those who want something to read but are afraid to ask, here is something with little to no educational content.

Ten random things I did today:

1.  After five hours of sleep, I got up.  :(
2.  Made and ate oatmeal (see this blog entry on how I make it).
3.  Did a DailyBooth photo wearing a white polar bear hat with scarf and mitts attached.
4.  Worked my butt off on medical transcription here and there.
5.  Had a nap on the recliner in the couch.
6.  Took off my long-sleeved black hoodie and put on my black Pink Floyd T-Shirt I got from Value Village on the weekend.
7.  Took extra strength Advil liquid capsules with Lady Grey tea to fight a headache.
8.  Ran up and down the stairs multiple times for kid-related things.
9.  Sat outside in the midday sun, on a park bench, on the deck by my office door, talking to my homeopathic doctor about dry skin on hands of one of my kids.
10.  Wrote this pointless blog entry.

While away the minutes and read more of my writing in the chronologically ordered entries in the right hand column.  Here are a few samples:

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