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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Foiling Your Own Kid's Shoplifting Attempt

In the fall of 2009, I was in the local Save-On Foods with my then-17-year-old daughter, to whom I refer in my blogging as "Nirvana".

I saw Nirvana trying on sunglasses, and she left a pair on her head as she walked away to join me at the check-stand.

While I was standing in line, I jotted a note on the back of my grocery list, which I handed to the cashier when it was my turn.

She silently read it, which said, "My daughter is trying to steal those sunglasses she's wearing".

The cashier gave me a look that said she understood, and then she picked up the phone and quietly spoke into it.

Within seconds, a manager showed up and stood at the front of the store.

As we were leaving, the manager blocked Nirvana's way and said, "Were you planning on paying for those sunglasses?"

Nervi tried to act all innocent like she forgot she was wearing them.

Uh-huh, sure.  Innocent.  I knew she'd done a lot more stealing than just that.

I mean, come on, I've been there myself when I was her age.

And I've paid my dues.

She got off easy.  The manager let her go with a warning, telling her not to come back in the store.

I myself had to work at keeping an innocent face while laughing inwardly over foiling her shoplifting attempt.

I've told the story many times since then, including, a few years later, to Nirvana, who also laughs now that she's far from anything to do with stealing.

How about you - would YOU narc on your own child?

Some things we parents just HAVE to do for our children.  Like they're gonna do it themselves?

YouTube:  "Good Morning, Judge" by 10cc

With tough love,

PS:  Like I said, Nirvana is FAR from her old thievery days.  Read more about her at this blog entry:

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  1. I would narc on my own kid. Stealing... not cool.

  2. Its not the point of narning on your kid it all about what can i get away with next is what is going on in the kids mind.You gave your daugher a lesson money cant buy good work steenybopper.That is one less person sealing out of my store or house.

  3. i have a few years before my not-quite 2 year old is there yet, but you got me thinking! it might've been the kind of lesson i needed as a feisty disrespectful teen!!


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