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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dryer Lint

Those who know me well will know I'm not a fan of Halloween.  My reasons go back to the ancient history of it and how it doesn't mesh with my Biblical beliefs, but when I was a kid, I didn't know about any of that, and I did some silly things.

But have you ever heard of something THIS silly?

Without mentioning any names, I will tell you the story of some girls.

They were two sisters in their early teens.  One was cleaning out the lint screen in the dryer on October 31, when she got the twisted idea to give it to the soon-to-arrive trick-or-treaters.

Her equally twisted older sister laughed maniacally, grabbed some brown paper lunch bags, and started shoving wads of greyish blue dryer lint into them, closing the tops with a few staples.

I heard that the older sister even drew the middle finger on one of the bags.

Apparently, one of the girls filled another bag with an old holey pair of orange socks.

Who DOES this kind of thing?

They saved the "special" bags for certain people, such as the boy from across the road, who was a few years younger than the girls but had always been mean to them.

The girls, with such kind faces, bestowed a bag of dryer lint upon the unsuspecting visitor.

"Heyyyyyy, thanks!" enthused the boy from across the road as he beamed.

"You're welcome," I can hear the girls say as they stuffed their giggles beneath innocent faces.

I wonder what happened to the boy who opened that bag of lint.  Did he even remember who had given it to him?  Did the lemony smell of laundry soap get masked in his senses and confuse him into thinking it was some ghoulish sort of cotton candy?  Did he taste of it and suddenly develop a craving for other types of dryer lint and become a dryer lint addict?

Maybe that boy went on to roam the streets, reaching into dryer exhaust pipes in residential areas, looking for his next fix.  Maybe he wound up in a treatment centre and is still digging through his past to figure out the roots of his addiction.

Maybe, in one of his recovery groups, he ran into another person with a strange addiction - to holey orange socks!

Maybe I've just got a silly imagination.

I like to put a photo or a video in my blog entries, but couldn't think of anything for this one.  So, I asked one of my teenaged daughters, in a serious voice, "Hey, do you know any songs that might be appropriate to put in a blog entry about dryer lint?"

She burst out laughing and said, "Yyyyeah, I'll Youtube that right now, Mom!"

But she DID find something, and here it is:

So, tell me... have your eyes glazed over from reading this, or did you laugh, even a little?  :)

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  1. How to put a bummer on Halloween! Oh well. We all have reason for the things we support/believe or not. ( biblical beliefs, you do realize most religions are an amalgam of others and more ancient what are considered pagan rituals...christianity being no exception....just sayin')


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