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Monday, 8 October 2012

Quit Eating Sugar - Your Body Will Thank You

I used to catch every cold or sniffle that went around.  I'd get it worse than anyone else in the family and for a longer duration.  Sometimes it would turn into bronchitis, which would stick around for months at a time.

Two things made a positive difference in the above problems:

1.  I went to a homeopath.  They cost a bit more than a medical doctor (here in BC, we have medical coverage so it doesn't cost anything to go to a family doctor, whereas it's $40 to see my homeopath - BUT she spends at least an hour per session with her clients, and if the remedy she gives doesn't solve the problem(s) after a few days or weeks, she will give a different one).

The last straw came when I had a killer sore throat that would not respond to three different antibiotics prescribed by doctors.  It was so bad, I woke in the morning barely able to swallow, and I went to the emergency room twice during those few weeks.

I told my homeopath about the sore throat, and she gave me a remedy that cleared it up in one day.  That was four years ago and it has never returned, and neither have the bronchitis bouts, but I still went through too many colds for my tastes.  (I'd prefer none!)

2.  I went to my naturopathic doctor and he told me to quit eating sugar.  This was only part of the diet he recommended, to address a number of issues, but the omission of sugar has been, I believe, key to my no longer catching every bug that enters my proximity - and I've got seven kids, so there's plenty of opportunity for one or another to bring a virus home, not to mention from my trips to the grocery store etc.

A few times, I had sugar when a virus was going around, and next thing I knew, I was sniffling and fending off a sore throat by snorting and gargling sea-salt water.

It took a few weeks to break the sugar habit that had been in my life for 40+ years, but now, I don't crave sugar at all.  I use stevia to sweeten my green tea and my oatmeal.  Sometimes I will make a stevia-sweetened treat, such as my chocolate almond bark, or I'll add a bit of stevia to a fruit/vegetable smoothie.

I do have the unrefined sugars intrinsic to fruit and vegetables, but those come with the rest of the package required for them to work gracefully within the body to provide their intended health benefits.

I still get the odd cold, but it's nothing like the 6-10 per year I was getting for the first 40 years of my life.

I also no longer eat wheat, potatoes, corn, or dairy products.  Like with sugar, I have had them a few times since quitting them in the fall of 2009, and with almost every instance, something negative happened to my body or my mind, reminding me that what I had consumed was not for the best.

Here are some things I do eat:

sunflower seeds
rice noodles
rice crackers
various soups
various fruits and vegetables

Of course, there's more, but those are a few of the main ones off the top of my head.

Not only do I not get sick as often as I used to, combined with aerobic and resistance exercise, I have lost all of the difficult-to-lose weight I had gained from my past two pregnancies, and my skin no longer breaks out (unless I ingest some of the offending items).

I'd love to hear about it if you have eliminated sugar from your diet.  I've encountered very few people who have undergone the cessation of this destructive, highly addictive drug.

I dare you to quit.

(Speaking of addiction, here is a song that comes to mind.)

To your health!

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  1. well some fish such as crab lobster shrimp are bad for you they are bottem eaters they eat all the crap from the bottem of the ocean watch (doc on shrimp.Pork is the worst of them all it can kill you ooked or not i have learned the hard way on that major ear infections because pigs will eat anyting.That is why God build them to eat all the crap so we dont get sick.But we sill eat bacon and pigs feet pork ribs.a nother bad one is cheese of any kind its mold.Cheese mold can give you bad problems with you lungs and resptory.Sugar as weel can cause some probmes but not as much as the other things i suggested stay away from pop that is the worsed. Choclate is good ice cream is some what bad m ms are good more choclate and less candy.homo path is nothing but bisness they dont tell you the real secreats of life but they charge the shit out of you for the basics .What i have told you is a fact of God and not my own way good luck

    1. I disagree with your opinion on homeopaths. Mine has helped me and my family in various ways. Maybe you've not found a good one.

  2. There are so many amazing things that Western Medicine doesn't quite yet grasp, its a bit amusing. I learned recently to open my mind a bit and so far, so good.

  3. I also have gone sugar free (as well as all grain) and feel amazing now. There *are quite a few things that Western medicine doesn't get yet. I personally have had so much luck with alternative treatments that I go to those first before anything else.


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