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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Nekkid Pictures Of Me

What time is it?

Time to think about nekkid pictures?

Time to think about what day it is?

Time to realize it is no longer March?

Time to realize it is the first day of April ?

As in April 1, 2012 - you know, April Foooooooools Day?

Time to realize you've been fooled?

APRIL FOOLS, preeeeevert!!!

Seriously, though, I do want to say one thing about nekkid (I love that spelling!) pictures of me, which I find disturbing:  back in August of 2004, a few days before my fifth baby was born, Sweet Man took some pictures of my pregnant belly, along with the rest of me, tastefully unclothed.

That's not the disturbing part.  He was enamored by my pregnant body, silly man!  Imagine!  My own husband loving the way I look!  Sinful?  I think not!

No, the disturbing part is that when we moved out of that house and into our new one in the summer of 2006, we couldn't find the pictures, and to this day we still haven't located them.

I've looked everywhere I could think to look, but still can't find them.

I hope they didn't fall into the wrong hands!

Maybe they accidentally got put into a bag or box of garbage and got thrown out.

It's bad enough to lose a batch of photos, but nekkid ones make it all the more disturbing.

So, yeah, that's all I want to say about that for now.

Can you relate?  Have you ever lost photos?  Nekkid ones?  Don't try to fool me, I bet you've got nekkid pictures kickin' around somewhere.

Have you ever found those lost photos?

Go ahead, laugh.  But if you ever have nekkid photos, remember my blog entry and hide them under lock and key lest they get lost.

(Oh, boy, I bet I'm gonna get some private messages on this one - "Steeny, what were you THINKING?  How can you write such things?" LOL!  Well, you read this far, so hey...)

(Joe Cocker's famous "Leave Your Hat On" video here).

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  1. I tried to post yesterday but got distracted. :) I too have some pics that are lost somewhere. I don't look anything like that anymore so I doubt anyone would even recognize me! :)

  2. LOL I, too, hope that they didn't fall into the wrong hands! :) Funny stuff!


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