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Thursday, 15 March 2012

How Bloggers Make Money

I used to ignore internet ads.

Now when I see them on the blogs of others, IF they interest me, I will click on them, because I know the blogger will get a bit of money as a result.

I had no idea about that until I monetized my own blog ("monetizing" is what they call it when you take on advertisements in your blog).

There are rules against clicking on the ads on one's own blog, however.  The advertising companies can trace who is clicking, and if it is found out that the blog owner is clicking their own ads, that blogger will be banned from having ads on their site.

Likewise, if unusual activity is traced back to certain people immediately clicking without spending any amount of time on the blog presumably reading, the blogger is flagged and will be watched, upon very real threat of losing their advertisers.

Advertisers count on us to learn about their product or service by clicking on their ads in hopes that we will help their sales increase.

So, if an ad interests you, click on it.  Read what you see.  Buy if it is what you need.  You'll be supporting the advertiser as well as the blogger.

You might even be quizzed on the content if someday you're on Jeopardy, and thereby make some money for yourself, too.

Here's 34 seconds worth of Jeopardy "think music" for you.  Enjoy!

Got a blog yourself that you want to monetize?  Got questions?  Please comment!

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