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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Randomosities Of a Long Haired Person

On a long-hair discussion board, the topic of stereotypes of long-haired people was brought up.  I will share my contribution here so the bored person has something to read.

So, a few things I'll throw out there about me, for whatever it's worth, in no particular order:

1. I wear Birkenstocks, sometimes even in winter

2. For 12 years, I baked all my bread (ground my own wheat, too - had to quit when I had to start working for a living)

3. I've made my own gluten-free, sugar-free granola many times (sweetened only with stevia)

4. I generally avoid sugar

5. I have a homeopathic doctor who's helped my family in many ways

6. I also have a naturopathic doctor

7. I'll go to an allopathic doctor if absolutely necessary but they have seldom helped me

8. I gave birth to my last (7th) baby at home, unassisted, with not even a doula (not brave, not crazy, just educated!) (That birth story at this link)

9. I'm a staunch homeschooler, but some of my kids do go to public school (against my will - long story, see here:  Why I Escaped and From What Did I Escape?)

10. Sometimes I wear makeup, sometimes I don't

11. I love tie-dyed clothing, own a lot, and have made a bit myself

12. I'm a poet

13. I'm a writer

14. Sometimes I wear long skirts, sometimes yoga pants, sometimes jeans, sometimes camo, but always cotton

15. I play guitar passably, and sing

16. My musical taste is eclectic - metal, country, folk, random alternate unnamed style, Christian, etc

17. I drink green tea with stevia and organic soy milk

18. I love apples

19. I believe that Jesus died for my sins, on the third day He rose again, and that I will spend eternity in heaven with Him.

20. There's more to me than that, but I gotta get back to work (doing medical transcription here at home).

Tuning a guitar in a hotel room...

Back of my hair just before I got it trimmed (after not having a trim in 10-1/2 months), 34-1/2" length from crown of head, over top of head, down to longest point at waist.

For more long haired rambling, here's another entry from this same blogger:  Hair Wasn't Easy To Grow


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    1. Thanks, Debbie! Gotta do something (anything!) other than work some days.

  2. Have you thought about bamboo clothing? Also ALMOND milk is the BOMB :)

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  3. Actually, yes, I do own some articles of clothing that contain bamboo, and I love almond milk. :)


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