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Sunday, 15 April 2012

More Writing In The Works, But Not Quite Yet

Hi y'allz. 

According to the stats, there are still people coming back to read, although I've not posted much lately.  I do have more writing in the works.

I've been otherwise occupied, but I will be back.

I will be Bach!

And you be Beethoven.

Avec amour,

Here are a few oldies you may enjoy in the meantime:

Mozart And Me  (Surely I cannot be alone in my appreciation of this wonderful music!)
Holy Sheepdip! (a bit of back story on the title of this blog)
The Need To Communicate (some early testing-testing-1-2-3 type blog writing of mine)
Pickup Idea For Single Men (a silly little slice of life)
Short Version of My Long Story (I know a lot of my readers have been through abuse, so here's what I hope is some hope)

Plus, there's that whole pile of entries listed chronologically in the right hand sidebar of this blog.

And don't forget - bloggers make (a tiny bit of) money by readers clicking on links that interest them!

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