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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Holy Sheepdip!

I was faced with the necessity to name this blog. I wanted to call it, "Can I Change This Later?" but it wouldn't allow the question mark.

So I randomly chose "Holy-Sheepdip".

I have no reason to give in explanation other than that it is an expression I've occasionally said since my teen years.

Take it or leave it.

Maybe they WILL let me change it later.


  1. Hmmm... maybe I can call it "Take It Or Leave It". Why? Coz I'll surely be writing about what ends up spilling over from the pain within me that resulted from taking it for far too long until I finally left it.

  2. Hey, why's it calling me "Unknown"? Am I not ME? Do I not get a NAME on here? How do I make it be known that I am not "Unknown"? Can anyone answer me that?

  3. OK, now I know how to make it show up as being me.


  4. And I've decided I like the name "Holy-Sheepdip". If someone wants to find my blog by name, it's not likely to be buried in the list that shows up on a Google search.

    In fact, I just checked - I typed in "Holy-Sheepdip", just like that, with the hyphen and the quotation marks, and it's the first hit on a Google search. I didn't even have to include the word "blog".

    I'm surprised at how many hits I've been getting in here, many of which are repeat. I'm glad people are reading my random writings, but I wish there were a way to know who y'all are. Unless you leave a comment, I may never know.


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